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If you could look at your tooth enamel on a microscopic level, you would find that it is composed of dense mineral crystal structures. Every day, the acidic foods and drinks you consume, and the presence of the natural bacteria in your mouth, can degrade these minerals by a small amount.

If it is not effectively countered on a daily basis this can actually weaken the enamel, making your teeth more susceptible to tooth decay and sensitivity problems. Fluoride exposure helps to restore the microscopic minerals to strengthen tooth enamel and prevent future problems.

If your Ridge View Smile Care dentist notices signs of compromised enamel, they might recommend a routine fluoride treatment. Another option for increasing fluoride exposure every day could include using prescription fluoride supplements.

Fluoride supplements come in several different forms including sublingual tabs, gels, mouthwash or a concentrated fluoride toothpaste.

Ingested fluoride supplements should be taken at the prescribed time. If your dentist prescribes concentrated fluoride toothpaste or mouthwash, you should apply it your teeth shortly before you go to bed at each night. This will allow the fluoride to deeply saturate your tooth enamel without being washed away by eating or drinking.

If you are concerned that you’re not getting enough fluoride exposure each day, you should call Ridge View Smile Care’s office in Logan, Utah at 435-752-1434 to explore our fluoride supplement options.