What is an athletic mouth guard?

An athletic mouth guard, also known as a sports guard, is a type of mouth guard that is designed to be worn during athletic activities. The athletic mouth guard protects your smile from injury and damage during sports. Your sports guard in Logan, Utah is custom made to fit your smile comfortably, allowing you to continue playing your best while you protect your smile.

Do I need an athletic mouth guard?

If you enjoy participating in sports and other athletic activities, our caring dentist may recommend an athletic mouth guard. Sports guards are recommended for athletes of all ages, from children and teenagers to adults. An athletic mouth guard can protect your teeth and soft tissues (such as the gums) from injury during sports. Some patients think sports guards are only important for athletes who participate in contact sports or sports that are traditionally associated with injuries, such as wrestling, football, or hockey. In truth, athletic mouth guards are essential for all types of sports, from soccer and baseball to tennis and volleyball. We welcome you to call or visit Ridge View Smile Care today to learn more about the benefits of sports guards and to schedule your visit with Dr. Brandon Schvaneveldt.