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Your dentist, Dr. Brandon Schvaneveldt, strongly encourages you to do everything you can to prevent enamel erosion. Enamel erosion occurs when you expose your teeth to acid on a regular basis. The acid tends to attack the tooth enamel and wear it down, making it weak and vulnerable. There are many reasons why prevention is recommended, like:

-Enamel erosion causes severe tooth sensitivity. This is because the tooth channels that lead to the nerve inside are opened.

-Enamel erosion causes tooth discoloration by wearing away the white shell (tooth enamel) and exposing the dentin layer beneath, which is a yellow color.

-Enamel erosion makes the tooth enamel so weak that it is susceptible to chips and breaks.

-Enamel erosion opens the door for tooth decay to attack and create cavities.

-Enamel erosion can change the form of the teeth by creating indentations in the surfaces.

In order to prevent enamel erosion, it’s best to avoid acid exposure altogether. This is possible by limiting your acidic food and beverage consumption, reducing acid reflux, and vomiting less (vomiting is a common problem for pregnant women who have morning sickness and for people who suffer eating disorders). You can also rinse your mouth with water immediately after acid exposure.

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