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Keeping your smile safe doesn’t have to be a hard task. Using basic preventive measures, you can rest assure your teeth will continue to thrive for the rest of your life. However, it is important to understand that once your adult teeth are fully grown in, you will not be getting another pair. Thus, you need to do everything you can to keep your teeth safe. This includes being prepared for any tooth hazards that can arise.

Avoid opening product packaging with your teeth. Opening stuff with your teeth as a known dental hazard and can easily destroy your smile. Even though bottle caps and plastic packaging may tempt you, always use other products such as bottle openers or scissors. A failure to do so can easily cause an oral accident or injury in the form of chipped or cracked teeth, lacerated gums, or even knock your teeth out.

Be aware of the risks that could be lingering in your diet. Numerous substances and sweets and treats can easily contribute to dental erosion. Sugars and gummy candies, fruit juice, sodas, and sports drinks can be detrimental to your oral health. This is because plaque buildup in your mouth can convert the sugars into harmful acids. In addition, starchy foods such as potato chips can also be converted into acids that will eat through tooth enamel.

Snacking throughout the day should be avoided as much as possible. We discourage you from snacking because it increases the time in which food debris settles on your teeth and gums and contributes to oral ailments such as dental erosion. In addition, it can lower the ability of your mouth to produce saliva properly throughout the day. Instead, focus on eating large meals only and avoid products such as sugars and starches.

Skyrocket to the top of the oral health care ladder with tooth hazard prevention. Make sure to take diligent care of your tooth hazard prevention, so that your smile can last for ages. For more information about tooth hazard prevention, or to schedule a comprehensive oral examination with Dr. Brandon Schvaneveldt and our team at Ridge View Smile Care, give us a call at 435-752-1434. Our dentist office is located in Logan, Utah.