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Have you ever heard of bruxism? If not, that’s OK! Our dentist, Dr. Brandon Schvaneveldt with Ridge View Smile Care in Logan, Utah, is happy to give you the information you need about this health condition.

Bruxism, also known as teeth grinding, is a health condition that causes your teeth to grind or clench while you sleep. Most people do not realize they suffer from this condition unless they are told so by another. This condition needs attention because bruxism can cause you to wear down your tooth enamel that will damage your teeth, expose the nerves, or produce sensitivity.

Other signs of bruxism include pain in your jaw, face, or ears. This ailment can cause migraine headaches or difficulty sleeping. This condition can also lead to the locked jaw condition, which is a condition that prevents you from opening or closing your jaw entirely, making it hard or impossible to eat or talk. That is why seeking help is essential with those who have bruxism.

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