Terrific Toothache Treatment Tips for the Summer

Did you know that a toothache is a severe pain or discomfort felt from a tooth that is caused by damage to the nerve endings in the pulp? If you have a toothache, it most likely means that the tooth has been damaged and must be repaired. Do you know... Read more »

Your Winning Smile’s Appearance Can Often Be Improved by Dental Veneers

The white and winning smile you enjoyed in your younger years can often fade due to dental staining, apparent fillings, discolored tooth enamel and minor dental fractures. This can leave you feeling self-conscious and wanting to explore your options for improving your smile’s appearance. In many situations like this, the... Read more »

Your Wisdom Teeth: The Facts

You probably know that there are several things you need to do if you’d like to enjoy a healthy smile. For example, you probably know that you should brush and floss regularly. You’ll also need to set up regular appointments with our team. Still, did you know that many people... Read more »

A Smile with Moderate to Deep Staining Issues Often Needs a Dental Bleaching Treatment

Stains can attack your tooth enamel for a variety of reasons. While the passage of time can certainly dull the gleam of your once youthful, white smile, there are other factors that can also contribute a yellow shade to your teeth. This is most likely the result of the regular... Read more »

Upgrade Your Smile with a Tooth Replacement Service

Upgrade your smile with a tooth replacement service. If you are looking to have a tooth replaced or removed, Ridge View Smile Care has a qualified team prepared to help you. Our dental superstars can create a customized plan for whatever direction you choose to go with your treatment options.... Read more »

A Crown Might Be Needed to Repair a Modestly Fractured Tooth

Even though your tooth enamel is one of the hardest biological substances, there are still situations when you can suffer a fractured tooth. This is even more likely to happen if you grind your teeth at night on a regular basis or if you have a bad habit of crunching... Read more »

Fluoride Can Improve the Strength and Health of Your Teeth

Your tooth enamel is made of densely formed microscopic mineral crystals. This is what gives your teeth the ability to bite, chew and grind hard foods. At the same time, it is possible for acidic foods and beverages to erode the mineral density of your tooth enamel. This makes it... Read more »

A Beautiful Smile Begins With a Brush

Whether you are a seasoned expert at caring for your teeth, or could use all the help you can get, your oral health care requires a daily need of your attention. Although the time per day is minimal, it is still a vital few minutes per day that we must... Read more »

Your Knocked-Out Tooth Can Be Replaced by a Bridge

The trauma of having a tooth knocked out often damages the tooth so severely that Dr. Brandon Schvaneveldt can’t successfully implant it back into the socket. The remnants of the root will need to be extracted to treat the pain and allow your gums to properly heal. When you are... Read more »

Daily Fluoride Supplements Maintain the Strength of Tooth Enamel

If you could look at your tooth enamel on a microscopic level, you would find that it is composed of dense mineral crystal structures. Every day, the acidic foods and drinks you consume, and the presence of the natural bacteria in your mouth, can degrade these minerals by a small... Read more »